Wednesday, June 18, 2008

UMTS O &M Support

Scope of Work
This role requires an expert consultant who will support Operator in their daily needs to operate and maintain an UMTS network.


An extension beyond this is very possible, and will depend on the consultant building a relationship with the customer.

Skill set required
The skill set will require a highly experience engineer. It is recommended to be a Solution Architect (Experience) at minimum, since Rogers have high expectations. This consultant will replace an existing person who tends to leave end of July 2008.

Soft skills
The consultant should:
- Have the ability to identify and interpret customer requirements, and develop plans to address them
- Have the ability to operate with high degree of independence, while managing project and customer expectations
- Have the ability to coordinate activities with various departments, divisions and companies
- Have excellent communication and written skills
- Be able to create and present workshops to train Operator

Technical skills
The consultant should:
- Have excellent RF portfolio knowledge.
- Have excellent knowledge of both designing and planning radio networks as well as excellent knowledge in optimization and performance statistics.
- Example of current projects are described in the attachment

Since Rogers are used to highly skilled consultants, we will need to interview the person prior to assignment. Rogers also interview the consultant